Type design and development

Me at Copenhague

Hi, I'm Pablo Impallari from Argentina

I'm totally in love with typefaces.

I can spend all day looking and learning about typefaces, both old and new.

They are full of tiny little details, that can go unnoticed by those not looking closely.

But these little details are what matters most.

I think that typefaces are living beings, they always continue to evolve over time.

Even if the original designer died over 500 years ago, contemporary designers push their ideas forward, adapting to changing technology and keeping up with the always shifting way we perceive the alphabet.

Write me to impallari@gmail.com (Subject "Contact from your website").


2014 Lettering Time (Spanish), 2012 Wired Magazine, 2011 Google Fonts Blog, Dowitcher Designs, My Luc Devroye's page

Rosario, Argentina, World Cup Champions!

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