Type design and development


This are the fonts I have designed and/or developed since 2010.

Some I created by myself, others with Rodrigo Fuenzalida. Amiko with Andres Torresi. Encode with Andres and Jacques Le Bailly. Raleway creator is Matt McInerney, I did the family expansion. Raleway cyrillics with Alexei Vanyashin. Public Sans was done by the USWDS’s crew. Many other people contributed too. Full list and proper creatis included on each font's AUTHORS, CONTRIBUTORS or FONTLOG files.

45 styles from Condensed-Thin to Expanded-Black

Encode Sans

9 styles from Thin to Black, plus Italics


7 styles from ExtraLight to ExtraBold


A USWDS’s fork of Libre Franklin

Public Sans

Regular to Bold + Italics + Condensed + Sketch


Regular and Bold, Latin + Deva


Regular and Bold, very good at small sizes too


Sans & Serif


Big counters and restrained Caps. For small sizes.

Petit Formal Script

Dancing Script


Kaushan Script

Rescued for vintage ads, a relaxed Stymie.

Life Savers

Cantora One

Hardcore but readable. Breweries and Metal fans loves it.

New Rocker by Brenda Gallo

Racing Sans One

A fun one, recreated from a Logotype


Automatic alternates


Automatic alternates

Caveat Bursh

Rosario, Argentina, World Cup Champions!

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