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Cantora ('Singer' in Spanish) is a friendly semi formal, semi condensed, semi sans serif. It has reminiscences of hand lettering, mixing straight and bowed stems, and natural curves.

It was born as an experiment in drawing from the outside to the inside (drawing the space surrounding the letters first, instead of drawing the letters themselves) in trying to apply the ideas and methods of Michael Harvey and Evert Bloemsma to my own glyphs construction.

In 0ctober 2022 naming inconcistencies between the font file and the API were fixed, users maybe cautious with using this update as the font name now aligns with the family name displayed by the API: Cantora One (instead of CantoraOne).

Although Cantora is a sans, the lowercase letters have serif proportions. It's perfect for headlines (H1, H2, H3) in sizes larger than 20px.

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