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My Books List

A curated collection of Type Specimens, Lettering & Calligraphy books.

1768 The Writing Pen Felice Polanzani

1843 Alphabet Album J. Techener

1900 New Zanerian Alphabets Zanner

1902 Letters & lettering 200 examples Frank Chouteau Brown

1913 Art of Writting John Jenkins ★★★★★

1922 Elements of Lettering Frederic Goudy

1931 Studio Handbook Samuel Welo ★★★★★

1935 The Anatomy of Lettering Warren Chappell ★★★★★

1935 60 Alphabets Ben W Hunt ★★★★★

1941 Lettering of today Ben W Hunt ★★★★★

1946 100 alphabets publicitaires

1948 The 26 letters Oscar Ogg ★★★★★

1949 Album de Lettres Arti

1951 A basic guide to lettering Robert Buckley

1952 Alphabet and Elements of Lettering Frederic Goudy ★★★★★

1952 The Art of Hand Lettering. Its Mastery and Practice Helm Wotzkow ★★★★★

1953 Three classics of Italian calligraphy: Arrighi, Tagliente, Palatino Oscar Ogg ★★★★★

1954 101 Alphabets Ben W Hunt ★★★★★

1955 Lettering and alphabets. John Albert Cavanagh ★★★★★

1957 La Lettre

1957 Script Lettering Meijer ★★★★★

1976 Hand Lettering Today Abraham Switkin ★★★★★

1981 Letters slate cut David Kinderlev and Lidia Lopez Cardozo ★★★★★

1982 Lettercraft Jhon R Biggs

1983 Tips on type Bill Gray

1984 Lettering for Architects and Designers Martha Sutherland

1986 The calligraphy sourcebook Miriam Striblew ★★★★★

1986 Lettera 4 Armin Haab

Unknown Year

Principes d ecriture

Dessiner la Lettre Décorative

Wood Type

Not yet online

1949 The Book of Oz Cooper. Society of Typographic Arts. Chicago. (Recommended by Shinntype)

1949 The modification of letterforms Stanley Hess. (Recommended by Dunwichtype)

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