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Libre Caslon

There are already lots of digital Caslon's revivals, and lots of Caslon-esque fonts. Some are very good but none of them was truly made for the web. While they look very good when printed on paper, they render very small when used for body text on the screen.

Also, all other Caslon revivals are based on specimens from the 18th century. Libre Caslon, on the other hand, is based on lettering artist interpretations, typical of 1950s advertising.

Libre Caslon Display is the display version, for sexy headlines.

Get Libre Caslon Display at Google Fonts. Source files available at Github

Libre Caslon Text is optimized for text. It can be used small and still be readable.

Get Libre Caslon Text at Google Fonts. Source files available at Github

What people do with Libre Caslon:

Rosario, Argentina, World Cup Champions!

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