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Libre Clarendon (Work in Progress)

Libre Clarendon is an integrated and comprehensive Clarendon family. It provides a wide and carefully considered range of weights and widths, allowing it to be used for both Text and Display settings, in all kind of layouts.

Libre Clarendon has 20 styles: 4 widths (Condensed, Narrow, Normal, Wide) in 5 weigths each (Ligth, Regular, Medium, Bold, Black).

Libre Clarendon is loosely based on the original Besley's Clarendon as issued by the Fann Street Foundry in 1874. We kept the almost monoline feeling in it, but expanded into a complete multi-axis family. As a result, it's quite different from the more contrasted Hass/Stempel Clarendon version, already digitized by many foundries.

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What designer are doing with Libre Clarendon:

Rosario, Argentina, World Cup Champions!

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